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If you have a GoPro Hero 7, you might want to take advantage of all its features and Go Pro Hero 7 accessories. You may not know it but having several accessories could enhance your experience. Read on and find the best options for you! Read further to know more about our suggestions of GoPro Hero 7 Accessories you should consider.

Gooseneck Mount for GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7 Accessories, Goosenck Mount
The Gooseneck Mount. Source:

The Gooseneck Mount is one of the best GoPro Hero 7 accessories you could get, especially if you want a strong and durable product. Beginners often worry when buying a mount for their GoPro Hero 7 because they’re afraid they might not know how to use it. Nonetheless, the Gooseneck Mount is immensely easy to remove and install.

With the Gooseneck Mount, you simply need to worry about choosing the perfect spot for your GoPro Hero 7. You can install the item on a desk, on different sports equipment, or even on a tree pole.

It’s 8.9 inches high and weighs 0.51 lbs., which means it’s extremely light, and you can carry it around in your bag without any issues. The package includes a thumbscrew, the Gooseneck Mount, a release mount, and an adapter.

This product is one of the cheapest you can find on the market, so if you don’t have much
money and need a mount for your GoPro Hero 7, it could be the ideal solution.

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Mini Extension Tripod by the GoPro Store

GoPro Hero 7 Accessories
Mini Extension “shorty”. Source:

Also known as the ‘shorty,’ the Mini Extension Tripod is a fantastic option the GoPro store
offers. It includes a tripod and a mini extension pole, and you can use both of them to take breathtaking pictures with your camera.

Many people want a small tripod for their GoPro because they don’t have much space to carry around a big one. Buying the Mini Extension Tripod gives you a great opportunity – you simply have to put it inside your pocket, leave your home, and take it out whenever you want to snap some beautiful shots!

The Mini Extension Tripod is a convenient alternative if you want to take pictures from a
distance. However, it’s also extremely handy if you enjoy taking selfies or scenic pictures
because it extends up and down. One of the main qualities of the Mini Extension Tripod is that it’s both a handle and a tripod, so you can easily fit it into your bag. Additionally, it extends more than other tripods, which might be convenient for you.

It’s an immensely popular product, especially among customers who are looking for both a tripod and a handle for their GoPro Hero 7. The item is sturdy, trustworthy, and useful.

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GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard by the GoPro Store

GoPro Hero 7 Accessories, GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard by the GoPro Store
GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard by the GoPro Store. Source:

When you have a GoPro Hero 7, you need to buy accessories that are both convenient and useful. Even though tripods might be necessary for you to take beautiful pictures, keeping your camera safe is essential, and you can do that with the Sleeve and Lanyard.
There are many GoPro Hero 7 Accessories, but the Sleeve and Lanyard are included in one single package, and it’s one of the best alternatives you could go for. It allows you to
personalize your camera without making it too bulky for your bag, and it also adds a protective layer around it.

Purchasing the Sleeve and Lanyard means you’re paying a fair price for a convenient item. The silicone sleeve protects your camera, while the lanyard is immensely useful – you can sling it around your wrist, your neck, or attach it someplace else.
Lastly, the Sleeve and Lanyard package is available in many different colours. Thus, you can choose your favourite and enjoy the new look of your GoPro Hero 7. Each time you’re going to take a photo or record a video, you can simply sling the lanyard around your wrist and keep the item steady. Your shots may be way more beautiful!

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Chest Mount for GoPro by Stuntman

Chest Mount for GoPro by Stuntman. Source:

Some people prefer having their GoPro Hero 7 near them whenever they go outside. You may want to take pictures while you’re hiking, exploring your surroundings, or doing other physical activities.

In those cases, taking the camera out of your bag over and over again might be risky. If there’s already danger around you, your GoPro could slip and it might break, or you could lose it forever. However, you don’t need to worry about that if you get a chest mount.

With Stuntman’s Chest Mount, all you need to do is to strap the item on your chest and adjust your GoPro Hero 7. It’s immensely tight, which is extremely convenient if you want to ensure your camera is safe at all times.

This product is made of high-quality materials, so it can last a long time and endure harsh conditions. Additionally, its packaging is minimalistic and environmentally friendly and includes a base, a harness, a ball joint, a universal adapter, a direct adapter, and a two-prong adapter.

Finally, the Chest Mount is also waterproof and has been tested in both salt and fresh water.
Thus, you can safely use your camera wherever you want while it’s secure in your chest.

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Screen Protector by Diruite

GoPro Hero 7 Accessories,  Screen Protector by Diruite
Screen Protector by Diruite. Source:

Having a GoPro Hero 7 is a wonderful idea, especially if you enjoy taking pictures and recording videos. Each time you go out, you can capture the best moment of your life. Nonetheless, to be able to do that often and keep your camera safe, you need a screen protector.

Diruite’s Screen Protector has all the features you need: it’s affordable, convenient, and one of the most famous GoPro Hero 7 accessories you could buy.

Even though there are many screen protectors out there, not all of them are sturdy enough to keep your GoPro Hero 7 safe. If you buy a poor-quality item, you could scratch your camera.

Accidental scratches and scuffs can happen, and sometimes you can’t avoid it. However, you can keep your GoPro safe by buying a high-quality protector like Diruite’s option.

The package includes two screen protectors, two tempered glass films for your lens, two
cleaning kits, and a service card. Therefore, it’s a two-in-one alternative to ensure your GoPro always looks as good as new.

Furthermore, Diruite’s screen protector is extremely easy to install, and it’s made of high-quality materials that keep your camera safe, even if you accidentally scratch it with your keys, knives, or other sharp objects.

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Underwater Light, Compatible with GoPro

Suptig Diving Light High Power Dimmable Waterproof
Suptig Diving Light High Power Dimmable Waterproof. Source:

Many adventurers love spending time underwater, and if you have a GoPro Hero 7, you might want to use it to record videos or take the most beautiful pictures of what’s around you.
However, finding the ideal lighting can be challenging sometimes, but fear not – the
Underwater Light by Suptig Store may be the item to solve all your problems.

Suptig’s item includes several lights, and they are completely safe for you to use underwater.
You can go up to 180 feet deep and still take one-of-a-kind photos – all you need to do is to adjust your lighting.

In other cases, you may not want to go underwater with your GoPro. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this product because it also works perfectly in the rain.
Regardless of where you use it, Suptig’s model can’t rust because it’s completely made of
stainless steel.

Lastly, rechargeable batteries power the lights, so you can take the cable out whenever you like and charge them again. With four different lighting modes, the Underwater Lights are ideal for you to try out different lighting styles as you enjoy your time taking pictures.

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GoPro Protective Housing

GoPro Hero 7 Accessories, GoPro Protective Housing Hero 7, GoPro Hero 7 Accessories
GoPro Protective Housing Hero 7. Source:

The last item on the list is many people’s favourites: The Protective Housing by the GoPro Store.

It has fantastic features, and you can get it at an affordable price, which makes it one of the most popular GoPro Hero 7 accessories existing.
Going through the GoPro Store is a great idea, especially if you want to know more about the available accessories for your camera. Nonetheless, Protective Housing is one of the most convenient items you could buy, especially if you love doing extreme sports or similar activities.

You need a strong case to keep your camera safe, and that’s exactly what the Protective
Housing offers you. If you use it, dirt, debris, and mud can never reach your GoPro Hero 7.

In some cases, you might find protective housing options that seem convenient, but if you look closely, you may have to remove parts of your camera, or they don’t fit. However, you don’t need to worry about that with GoPro’s Protective Housing alternative since it perfectly adjusts to your camera.

Moreover, using this item does not mean your image quality is poor. The item simply protects your camera while you take your beautiful photos and videos!

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There are many GoPro Hero 7 accessories available. Even so, some of them are better quality than others, and they might be more convenient for you as well, for example, if you don’t have a protective housing or a screen protector, you might want to keep your camera safe first! To choose the best item, evaluate all your options and purchase what you need!


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