How Long Does A Go Pro Battery Last? Best Ways To Prolong Battery Life


One of the important accessories for the Go Pro action camera is the battery. The life of the
battery will depend on the way of using it. There are different brands of batteries available
to us. Our experts will help you to choose the brand that makes your battery last longer. An
extension to the shooting experience is also possible by increasing the life of the Go Pro
accessory. How long does a Go Pro battery last? As soon as you start looking into
purchasing a Go Pro battery, you can hear about battery draining and start to wonder about
long life.

We are providing you some things to consider. These are the reasons behind the short life
of the Go Pro batteries.

  • Enable too many features

There are many features available with Go Pro battery
like Wi-Fi and voice control. If you enable all the features, then the battery will drain
fast. It is the reason behind the short life of the Go Pro batteries.

  • Capturing images in cold temperature

If you capture or record videos in the cold
temperature, then it results in faster draining of the batteries. It is because the water
is cold.

  • Battery age

The battery life gets shorter with age. There is a need to have a second
battery e available for using it in the cold weather for shooting videos.

These are the three main reasons for the faster draining of the battery. We are providing
you some useful tips for improving the life of the battery for uninterrupted photo

Tips to improve battery life of Go Pro batteries

If you want to shoot underwater and extend the battery life, then you need to have some
additional accessories to give you enjoyment. We will provide you some go pro accessories
that provide you enjoyment to shoot all day long with dress changing of the batteries.
There is nothing to worry about battery draining, and you can focus on the action around

Extra batteries with charger

In order to keep the Go Pro battery is working all day long, then you can purchase extra
batteries with chargers. You can charge the batteries the night before. When one battery
drains, you can pop in a new one for an uninterrupted experience. It is easy to change the
battery. The charging of the battery is beneficial for a couple at a time. We are providing a great charger that can help you in doing so. An increase in the storage capacity is also
possible with the spending less on purchasing extra batteries and chargers.

Battery backpack

We are providing you a battery backpack to extend the battery life. Go Pro cameras cannot
use the battery backpack because they do not have a reliable connection. We are providing
a video on how to attach the backpack with the camera to extend the battery. Follow the
instructions is essential to get the desired results.

Power Bank

A mobile power bank is one of the best ways available to extend the battery of a Go Pro
action camera. There are basic models that can increase 10 x battery life. In comparison to
the standard battery, it will provide almost 40 times more power. We will provide you
learning on how to remove the side door to plug in the power bank for the extended life of
the battery. The shooting of the best moments and recording of the videos is not
interrupted with continuous and waterproof charging of the battery.

Vid Pro charger

Last but most important, the Vid Pro charger also worked great to extend the life of the
power source. An extension of 5 to 6 hours in the battery life is possible for shooting. We
are providing you an extra cable to use it. Remember that you need to take that side door of
the Go Pro action camera before you can start using the charger. It will allow meeting the
needs in charging the battery and shooting at different adventures. We are providing you
the charger for extending the battery life and enjoyed different movements in the
adventurous trip. The charges of the product are affordable to provide a new life to a
battery of Go Pro action cameras.

From the stated tips, improvement in the battery life is possible. You can change the
battery or charge it with the help of a power bank or other charger. The shooting of the
videos and capturing of the pictures will not be interrupted at the adventurous trip. The
battery is an essential Go Pro action camera part, so you need to purchase the accessories to
extend the life.


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